Love, heartbreak, dragons … and music, great music.

I had the opportunity to hear “Chamber Band” this past July 17, at the Gam3rcon. They opened the preview night with this amazing honest, fun and well played music. It was my first time hearing this kind of music, with videogame thematic, I wasn’t expecting much and let me be honest with you, I loved it!

ImageI was having a really bad day, I got lost in Downtown and ended up walking 16 blocks, I was in a bad mood! so, as soon as I got to the Gam3rcon, I went directly to the roof area to get air and some rest, I sat there, with the plan to just relax for a while, the place had this pretty cool lounge area, the weather was perfect in the beautiful San Diego, people expressing their inner video gamer in the graffiti wall, with some beers and playing board games, everything bonded perfectly around this 3 down to earth guys who quickly took all my attention with their passion in music and their fun attitude, they seem to really enjoy what they are doing, interacting with their audience and telling stories at the beginning of every song.

ImageThe band consists of Chris, Ellen, Anthony, Sam, and Asarr from Brooklyn. They grew up in Phoenix, Portland (Maine), Nicaragua, and Washington D.C., but New York City is the place to call home. Their sound is a fusion between The White Stripes and The Decemberist with a lot of energy, love and dragons. They been playing together for the past two years, and just released their debut album, “Deities”. Which you can hear completely and download for only $6 dlls in their website.

Personally, I got all hooked by the time they played “Yeenoghu”, the combination of the guitars is amazing. The voice from the lead singer is really friendly and enjoyable. They have “business cards” in a little treasure chest in front of where they are playing, this adds a fun way to interact with the show.  They joke around with people, have fun and that makes you feel very intimate with their project. Their humble attitude makes you to really like this guys but afterwards they end up winning you completely with their music.


Chamber band, a hidden gem worth checking out, I promise you will want to hear some more.



Alejandra (sLaDky_aLeLie)


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